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Thank you for your patience during this transition.

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Tonight’s Picks

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We have been able to return a whopping 90.4 units to our customers over HALF of the NCAAB season for which we have been offering subscriptions to our picks. Our picks have absolutely been killing it, hitting at 58.5% for the year. That is absolutely unheard of, and makes us among the very best NCAAB handicappers in the business. For comparison’s sake, Right Angle Sports is often considered the best NCAAB capper in the business. They are currently up 14 units on 165 plays this season. They are up 129 units on 1431 plays over the past five years. We are up 90.4 units on 565 plays in just HALF A SEASON. Did I mention that Right Angle Sports charges considerably higher subscription rates, and no longer offers them to the general public?

OHCSI has been especially killing it during the postseason. This is your opportunity to get in on the action and make some money with the tourney special, just $74.99. Click the link below to subscribe!

Click here to subscribe to OHCSI's March Madness Picks!

Click here to subscribe to OHCSI’s March Madness Picks!

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The tournament is here!!! We are offering a TOURNEY SPECIAL

We have absolutely KILLED NCAA since we started this company back on January 21st to the tune of 88 units. That is UNHEARD of. You won’t find that anywhere else. So here it is. We are giving away all our NCAA picks for the rest of the tourney (NIT & NCAA) for just 75 bucks.

That’s chump change compared to what you are going to win. Don’t take my word for it. Ask any of our investors. We haven’t had one investor cancel their subscription yet. 

Here’s one testimonial from our very first customer:

“Ohcs is no joke! Me and my buddy used to lose 100’s of bucks a week when we thought we “knew” sports. Within 2 months of following these picks I’m up around $1500 bucks on betting $25 a game. They Crush NCAA and make every night of sports entertaining with limited risk!” -winner Joe Barbuzzi

Stop losing money on dumb picks. We have an advantage over the average Joe. Use our picks and get some free fucking money NOW.

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Who Likes Free Money?


We had an absolutely insane week. Our investors are cashing in HUGE. Now it’s time to give our casual readers some FREE MONEY. Here are todays picks.

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Tonight is our biggest slate in history

It’s so big I had to print out all the games and mark what channel they were on. Almost all of them are on TV. Looks like I’m not going out tonight.

If you can somehow zoom in on this pic, these plays are all yours for FREE. Otherwise go fuck yourself and pay for our unbeatable service.


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11 unit night last night… Here are some thoughts from Dan, and some free afternoon plays

Phenomenal night last night as we cruised to the tune of 11 units. Shoutout to the folks on the list that have been making A/R moves on the multiunit plays. We’ve been hitting them to a crazy advantage lately, and if we continue to do so, they actually do make sense to make if you can tolerate the risk. We’ve hit multis at close to a 70% clip in NCAAB this year. That’s unheard of. Of course, we’ve also hit all plays to the tune of about 58%. At this point, I firmly believe we are the best NCAAB cappers out there right now. We have returned 74.85 units of profit on 593.13 units risked in NCAAB over exactly 500 plays. Our NCAAB record is 283-206-11, good for a 12.62% ROI. If you have been following our recommended bankroll management strategy, you have returned over 180% on your starting capital in NCAAB if you have been following us all season.

Back to the A/R stuff though. Let’s say we can hit multis at an average of 60% going forward. A rounded 2-leg A/R EV table under that assumption whilst playing $100 base would look like this:

Payout Probability EV
Win 2 $ 400.00 36% $ 144.00
Win 1 $(120.00) 48% $ (57.60)
Lose 2 $(220.00) 16% $ (35.20)

Tot: 100% $ 51.20

Under the same assumptions, two straight plays look like this:

Payout Probability EV
Win 2 $ 200.00 36% $ 72.00
Win 1 $ (10.00) 48% $ (4.80)
Lose 2 $(220.00) 16% $ (35.20)

Tot: 100% $ 32.00

At these hit rates, throwing a small A/R out there on the multi-unit plays is actually not a bad idea… it’s a good one. I know a few people on this chain enjoy doing it, and I’ve spoken out against it in the past. But if you can tolerate the additional risk on a given night and play them conservatively, by all means go for it.

FYI, a parlay table under the same assumptions looks like this:

Payout Probability EV
Win 2 $ 264.50 36% $ 95.22
Win 1 $(100.00) 48% $ (48.00)
Lose 2 $(100.00) 16% $ (16.00)

Tot: 100% $ 31.22

In other words, it is indeed NEVER beneficial to bet a parlay. I used a goalseek function to figure out at what percentage hit rate a parlay and 2 straight bets have an equal EV, and it turns out to be 63%. I know I’ve explained the 60% fallacy to you all in the past. NEVER play parlays. Additionally, the more teams you add to the parlay, the worse the odds become. Just don’t do it. I know a longtime bookie who bought a half million dollar Cape house a few years ago that he refers to as the “Parlay House.” I think that’s all anyone really needs to know about parlays.

Anyway, we at OHCSI love keeping our subscribers informed with this sort of beneficial information, and we hope that you enjoy it. We’ve always said that a subscription to our picks includes informative emails to make you better bettors as well. But I know that what you all most care about is the picks, so here they are.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 11.51.28 AM

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Tonight’s Picks

Sorry. Ive been so tired from UMass this weekend. I am back and ready to bet.

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March 5 Picks

Nice way to get back on track last night in NBA. Thankfully, we kept GS as a full 1 unit play on both spread and moneyline, and got a nice hit there on a strong advantage play. More of the same tonight as we pick and choose our spots in NBA.

As for NCAAB and NHL, we kept on rolling. We had a very strong play in Tampa against St. Louis, but unfortunately they could not hold on to a 2 goal lead. Such is life. Kept us from having an 8 unit night, but we were still in the driver’s seat to the tune of a cool 5 units on the dot.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.58.29 PM

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The verdict is in…

In order to maximize profits as we get back on track in NBA, we’re scaling back all base plays in NBA to a half unit. NBA is known as the sport with the most efficient betting markets. As we take extreme advantage of the inefficiencies of NCAAB and NHL, we do not want to be giving back NBA money concurrently as we grind through this rough patch. Scale back, it’s worth it. If we start winning again, we’re still winning money. Don’t think for a second though that just because we are losing, we are bound to start winning soon. That’s the exact fallacy behind Martingale betting systems. Take blackjack for example: the fact that you lost the previous 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 hands has no effect in and of itself on the next hand. It is entirely possible that more high cards came out than low cards, the count is worse, and you are just betting more into an unfavorable situation. We don’t want to be doing that in NBA, so for the time being, we’re scaling back. When the advantage is there to exploit again, we will raise our bets.

Here’s tonight playsScreen Shot 2014-03-04 at 8.44.29 PM

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