Idiot Wins 1.5 Million Dollars, Doesn’t Seem To Care

Let me start off by saying no one hates the idea of Barstool Sports more than me. I hate the idea that for anything to be funny it HAS to be on barstool. “Oh dude that’s mad funny we should send it into Barstool”. Like why do you care if some 50 year old creep finds you funny?

So at the risk of sounding like barstool, I am going blog about something that pissed me off last night, but completely relates to what we are trying to do here at Oak Hill Capital Sports Investments.

Esurance brings 1.5 million dollars to this guys door. Everyone knows what the normal human reaction is supposed to be. The stuff that gives everyone chills. You’re supposed to stand there, speechless, looking shocked for 10 seconds. Then you’re supposed to scream you’re ass off, act like an idiot, and helplessly cry and piss yourself for the next 3 minutes because all of your dreams just came true.

This guy nails the first 10 seconds, but then stands there like an idiot cracking jokes with Jimmy Kimmels aunt. Hey bro, Esurance just gave you free money and you act like its just a typical paycheck. Sorry Esurance couldn’t splurge for the 2 mil that you wanted. Maybe next time.

Meanwhile I’m over here putting 50 dollars on Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne Mastodons, PRAYING that they cover the spread against The Citadel Bulldogs. If they don’t cover I put a hole through the wall. If they cover I do a Bobby Orr-like celebratory leap, face plant, and break my nose. Then, this repeats as more and more colleges from East Bumfuck play each other 20-30 more times throughout the night.

The point is, we are over here working our ass off to find inefficiencies in games that no one gives 2 fucks about, all the while calling it free money. Meanwhile this guy gets actual free money and doesn’t show an ounce of emotion.

Grow up guy. Picks coming later, lets all get richer than this douche.

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