No big deal, just another 6+ unit night…


It was looking like a normal 2-3 unit night until DaVonte Lacy completely went off and Washington St came back to cover our 2 unit play with ease. All of a sudden we were up 7.5 units with one game to go. The Stars (+152 ML) kept it close and went into OT but fell to the Sharks. For those keeping score at home, we are 1-6 in OT hockey.

Am I happy with being up 6.5 units when the night is all said and done? Yes. Do I feel like we keep getting fucked over and over again in Hockey games that should be more or less a 50/50 proposition in overtime? Fuck yes. But our underdog NHL picks forcing overtime just shows that we are on the right side of the bets. It will even out.

We just started selling our picks this week. If you didn’t sign up right away, you just missed out on 10 units in 3 days. For those bad at math- 50 x 10 = 500. That is of course assuming your units are 50 dollar units.

Stop waiting. We just started and are already having unheard of success. As we keep improving on our formulas, our picks will only get better.

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