I am an idiot. (This Weekend’s Results)

roulette4So the reason why I couldn’t post picks/results this weekend was because I went to Foxwoods. Given the heater we have been on here at Oak Hill Capital I figured I had a few shekels to throw around. My first mistake was thinking that because I made a few good formulas for gambling that I am all of a sudden a card counting mastermind. Needless to say I went down a quick 300. Then, like the dumbass that I am, I head to the roulette table and throw 300 on black to try and win it all back and it hits 00.

No problem though because theres always 40 obscure NCAA games to win back my money right? Wrong. We didn’t have a terrible weekend but we did finish down about 6 units between Saturday and Sunday.

Look, we aren’t going to win every day. I am an idiot for briefly forgetting that. The plan is to have a solid return of investment over a long period of time. Despite this weekend we are still more than on pace to do so. So lets keep our heads up and have a good week!

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