Recommended Use Of Our Play, Plus a NEW feature

Each one of us at OHCSI plays our picks each night. We put our OWN money where our mouth is.

Here are some suggested ways of using our picks:

Betting Entire Slate

-You need an initial investment. Take a certain amount of money out of your bank account and use it to gamble our picks. Lets use $1000 for this example.

-Bet 1% of your bank roll on EVERY one of our picks and lock that in. So in this example you would put 10 dollars on every one of our plays.

-Once you’ve watched your bankroll increase enough you can then take 1% of THAT and put it on every pick. So say you hit 1300. Start betting 13 a game.

Best Plays System (New Feature)

We understand not everyone can afford to put a ton of money on every game, every night. When we started doing this we expected between a 5-10% return on our investment. As of the 2/21 we were at 7%. Theoretically we expect every pick to have the same expected return. BUT, there are a few plays each night that fit multiple systems. We expect a slightly higher return on those plays. We will now release these plays each night. If you don’t want to bet every game, this is an option.

Pick And Chose

Like I said before, we expect the same return on every play. Besides of course the ones where we say we are betting multiple units, or the ones that are in our best plays. You could decide to buy our picks and then pick and chose your own personal favorite games. Just know, by doing this you are subjecting yourself to variance. You have a shot at picking every loser on our slate of games. You could also pick every winner on our slate of games. Who knows. ALTHOUGH I would still say you have an advantage over other bettors because of the simple fact that our picks are better than the casual bettor.

Pick Your Sport

You could simply pick a sport. NBA we believe is the hardest sport to bet. We have been very successful in NCAA and NHL thus far. It’s all preference. Do what you are most comfortable doing.


-Change your bet amount from night to night or pick to pick (Unless we call it a multiple unit play). You could have an incredible night betting 50 per game. Then the next night double your bet and lose everything quicker than you gained it.

-Bet more 2.5% of your initial investment. Of course we recommend never betting more than 1% but DEFINITELY don’t do more than 2.5%. We are going to have bad nights and good nights. One bad night where you bet everything you have, then you won’t have enough to bet the next day.

-Get More impatient.. Making money takes time. We haven’t had a losing week yet, but we inevitably will. We believe over time your bankroll will increase. It won’t happen over night.

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