Louisville Puts In Kid With Special Needs, Temple Goes On 7-0 Run To Cover


You’ve all seen those viral videos where the team puts in a kid with special needs and he scores a basket, right? The home team is up a ton of points. The game is coming to a close. Suddenly, the coach calls for the kid you’d least expect and the crowd goes crazy. He takes a few shots and misses. Just when you think its over, he gets one last shot as time expires and knocks it down! The crowd goes crazy and rushes the court, chanting his name over and over. Never fails to bring a tear to my eyes.

Last night, up 29 points and the game well in hand, Louisville (-22.5) put in their autistic team manager when they were up 29. The crowd erupted as David Levitch entered the game for the Cardinals. Instead of running out the clock and covering the spread, Louisville kept feeding Levitch. After 2 blocked shots, it seemed all hope was lost. And unfortunately it was. Temple kept capitalizing on the poor kid. They ended on a 7-0 run and covered by a half of a point.

I don’t know what kind of disability this kid has, but it shouldn’t matter. I’ve never seen worse sportsmanship in my life by Temple. I had Temple +22.5, but I would’ve traded all the units in the world to see this kid score.

UPDATE: I guess this guy doesn’t have a disability, he’s just really bad? Are they just letting anyone play college basketball now? Maybe UMass will let me play next game.

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