Classic OHCSI night last night

The good news: we won units last night. The bad news: we struggled in NBA

It’s getting pretty frustrating. We went unbeaten in NCAA and NHL and lost every single NBA game..

NBA is killing us right now. After hovering even for the majority of the NBA season, we’ve dropped 23 units in NBA almost entirely in the past week. We knew NBA would be a challenge, and remain confident that we will crack the nut. The NBA betting markets are perhaps the most efficient of any sport. The margins will not be as substantial as NCAAB and NHL, but we should regress in the coming weeks while maintaining our strong advantage in other sports.

The NBA has become more faced paced and higher scoring than ever before. It is a constantly evolving sport, more so than any other. As a result, historical betting trends hold little weight in the NBA, as the fundamental aspects of the sport have changed so drastically. We are looking to refine our PREDICTIVE models to better cap it for you.

Although we do think our performance will even out over time, our investors need to be aware of the fact that NBA is simply the hardest sport to bet. The advantage is not going to be as large in other sports. We might not even have one as of now. But we are working hard to figure it out for you all, as well as ourselves.

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