The tournament is here!!! We are offering a TOURNEY SPECIAL

We have absolutely KILLED NCAA since we started this company back on January 21st to the tune of 88 units. That is UNHEARD of. You won’t find that anywhere else. So here it is. We are giving away all our NCAA picks for the rest of the tourney (NIT & NCAA) for just 75 bucks.

That’s chump change compared to what you are going to win. Don’t take my word for it. Ask any of our investors. We haven’t had one investor cancel their subscription yet. 

Here’s one testimonial from our very first customer:

“Ohcs is no joke! Me and my buddy used to lose 100’s of bucks a week when we thought we “knew” sports. Within 2 months of following these picks I’m up around $1500 bucks on betting $25 a game. They Crush NCAA and make every night of sports entertaining with limited risk!” -winner Joe Barbuzzi

Stop losing money on dumb picks. We have an advantage over the average Joe. Use our picks and get some free fucking money NOW.

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