We have been able to return a whopping 90.4 units to our customers over HALF of the NCAAB season for which we have been offering subscriptions to our picks. Our picks have absolutely been killing it, hitting at 58.5% for the year. That is absolutely unheard of, and makes us among the very best NCAAB handicappers in the business. For comparison’s sake, Right Angle Sports is often considered the best NCAAB capper in the business. They are currently up 14 units on 165 plays this season. They are up 129 units on 1431 plays over the past five years. We are up 90.4 units on 565 plays in just HALF A SEASON. Did I mention that Right Angle Sports charges considerably higher subscription rates, and no longer offers them to the general public?

OHCSI has been especially killing it during the postseason. This is your opportunity to get in on the action and make some money with the tourney special, just $74.99. Click the link below to subscribe!

Click here to subscribe to OHCSI's March Madness Picks!

Click here to subscribe to OHCSI’s March Madness Picks!

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