Meet The Team


Dan Groob- Fund Manager

Dan Groob, simply put, is a genius. He knows everything about everything. Ask him who was the 12th president, he’ll say Zachary Taylor. Ask him who led NFL in passing yard in 2002, he’ll say Rich Gannon. Ask him who holds the all-time record for Grammy awards, and he’ll say Sir Georg Solti without hesitation. Granted, these are things that anyone can Google. But Dan is the most indispensable member of the team for one reason– he validates the statistically significant formulas for winning bets. The entire team has done a great job of identifying key undervalued betting factors, but Dan ultimately has the final say and we wouldn’t have it any other way. He has gotten our proprietary formulas down to equal parts science and art via many sleepless nights plugging away in Excel and analyzing countless sets of data with his keen eye for value and causal relationships. Dan has a natural ability to look through all the variables at play, discard the noise, and identify the true signals of advantage plays. Have a ten minute conversation with Dan and you will see why our company has been so successful.


Jordan Rabb- Director of Marketing

Jordan Rabb is that kid you love to hate. Think Justin Bieber without the voice or the looks. He is the most narcissistic, egotistical, self absorbed person that you will ever meet. If you don’t know him, he would be the kid you point out at a party and think that he is a complete attention whore. And you would be right. But when it comes to this team, he is a major component. He is probably the hardest worker on the team, because he is the one with the most free time. If he had another job, this company might have never been started.


Ali Garfinkle- Lead Formula Developer

Ali has one quality that no one else on the team has: he is impossible to hate. He is just one well rounded guy, good at everything and bad at nothing. When it comes to the OHCSI team, he is an integral part of the formula development process. He has created some of the most profitable systems that we have in place today, and specializes in binary value such as moneyline plays in NHL and MLB. If you like betting MLB in particular, you better have Ali on your speed dial. There is nobody better at sifting through the noise surrounding baseball to identify the best plays on the board.


Mattie Shocket- Director of Scouting

Mattie is that kid who knows everything about sports. He was the starting point guard in high school and his love of sports has only grown since. Mattie has experience coaching AAU basketball in his post-playing career, and excels at breaking down film. His knowledge of deep recruits in college sports is also second to none. He’s the kind of guy who can name the number 12 high school prospect for the class of 2017. The only problem with Mattie is he can’t gamble for shit, because he loves every player so much. Of course, there’s a tremendous amount of value in what Mattie brings to the table– he can let us know what the intense fan/typical bettor is thinking for any game on the board. Mattie is indispensable when it comes to fading the public, a tried and true signal of value.


Brett Weisberg- Director of Sales

Brett is the guy everyone can trust. His lifetime passion for sports translates perfectly to a role with Oak Hill Capital because he once was a public or “square” player. Once Brett realized the advantages of going against the common pick, he began to thrive. It is now his personal goal to help people who enjoy sports betting to become smarter with their investment. Having devoted countless days to developing formulas, Brett started off red hot having won 14 of his first 15 plays across multiple sports. Brett just makes the right picks, he’s a true sharp. It didn’t take long for him to turn heads.


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    Is this real?

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